Every six months, YFCC conducts a phone survey of around 10% of our clients across all programs and services delivered by the organisation. The most recent survey was conducted in November of this year.

Overall, feedback on YFCC services was extremely positive, with some useful suggestions for the organisation to consider. Over 75% of clients surveyed had been engaged with YFCC services for at least 3 months, giving further credibility to their survey responses.

Some results of the survey included:

  • 41% of respondents had been engaged with YFCC services for 6 months or longer.
  • 70 out of 70 respondents agreed or strongly agreed they were satisfied with the services they received from YFCC.
  • 94% felt involved in the planning and service delivery they experienced, with the remainder as yet undecided.
  • 76% believed they were now better able to deal with the issues they sought assistance for, 24% were undecided.
  • 100% of respondents would recommend YFCC services to others.
  • Of the 1208 participants who provided feedback on our YFCC Health Promotions events, 98.7% believed they had increased their skills and knowledge through their participation.

General comments provided by respondents were very positive on their experiences working with both individual YFCC workers, and service areas. These responses include:

  • “Worker has been outstanding, absolutely magnificent, awesome, been great. I have come a long way.”
  • “Have good rapport with Worker, she is a consummate professional. She is proactive on the guiding process. Worker is most appreciated and welcomed with what she does.”
  • “Wouldn’t function without counselling. Worker is really easy to talk to and communicate with. Makes me feel comfortable and be able to open up. Really good to have connection.”
  • “Absolutely wonderful experience being with Worker. I was worried I wouldn’t click with Worker but that wasn’t the case at all, very positive and comfortable.”
  • “Worker is brilliant, so devoted to her job. Can’t get a better worker. She tries so hard. All at YFCC are fantastic. The service is fantastic, no words to explain how great the program is and that we want to help people.”

The survey enables the YFCC Leadership team to assess our current performance and look at any opportunities for continuous improvement.