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Positions Vacant

YFCC is committed to ensuring that fair and effective procedures and processes are implemented and adhered to for the recruitment, selection and employment of people to meet organisational needs.  Therefore, employment practices apply the Merit Principle:

  • Knowledge: includes both the knowledge required in general for the position, and knowledge and understanding of the requirements for the specific position.
  • Skills: relevant to the position, this may be professional and/or technical skills, inter-personal skills, leadership skills, administrative skills and any other skills relevant to the position. These skills can include relevant skills obtained outside the paid work force.
  • Qualifications: can include both academic and professional qualifications.
  • Experience: should be relevant to the advertised position. Breadth, variation and depth of experience may all be considered.
  • Potential: for future development. This requires a judgment to be made about the applicant’s capacity to “grow” in the situation.

Furthermore, YFCC is an equal opportunity employer, and is committed to providing a work environment which is free from harassment and discrimination, and is safe for all workers and clients.

Board Recruitment – Young Person

Are you a young person who is interested in your community and community services?

Are you aged between 18 and 24 years old?

Would you like to gain experience and skills that will assist you with your career?

Youth, Family and Community Connections is a non-profit organisation providing a range of support to youth, individuals and families across the North West of Tasmania.

We are seeking a young person to join our Board of Governance to help guide the organisation in the direction needed to best support young people and families in our community.

Participation in monthly Board meetings is required. Training and support will be provided.  Transport from Wynyard, Burnie, Ulverstone or Devonport is also available. If you are interested in finding out more, please contact our Chair, Nick Sherry, on 0418 482 807 or via email: nsherry@sherryint.com.au.