Name: Lucy Pegden

YFCC Service Area: Crisis Accommodation Support Service

Location: Devonport & Burnie

What do you like about your role? Having worked as a Youth Development Coach within CASS for 8 months I can safely say I am settled and enjoying all aspects of the diverse role! My main enjoyment is the interaction, relationship building and goal smashing role I take with the young people. I have built some great relationships with the young people we work with, which in turn has brought some great results. I am a passionate case manager and enjoy creating plans with the young people and looking at the best way to approach each goal.

At times the role can be challenging; whether this is challenging behaviour to be dealt with in the house, or prioritising the high needs of the 6 young people who are accommodated, each day brings a new set of challenges to be faced. I enjoy seeing results with the young people, whether this is regarding their accommodation or a personal goal which they have set in relation to their living/personal development. It brings a great sense of achievement for both myself and the young person!

A bit about you: I am the Pommy with the strong northern English accent! I moved to Tasmania in November 2019 to be with my partner who is a Tassie local I met whilst travelling America in 2018. I graduated from Sheffield Hallam University in the UK in 2018 with a Bachelors in Youth and Community Work and whilst studying and since graduating I have worked in many fields within the youth sector. My personal interests include attending the gym on a regular basis, enjoying the Tassie sunshine in the summer and chasing waterfalls with my partner when we get the chance! I love my sport and I am still looking for the chance to join a local women’s team when I get the time!