North West Driver Mentor Program

Are you trying to get your Driver’s Licence to look for and secure employment, or access training or education for your chosen career path.

The North West Driver Mentor Program will assist young people, aged 16 to 24 and living on the North West coast, to complete their 80 hours driving time required to sit their provisional licence test. This is a FREE program.

Eligibility criteria for young people to access the program include:

  • Do not have access to a suitable supervisory driver and/or vehicle.
  • Are not able to afford professional driving lessons to gain the minimum hours required to obtain a driver’s licence.
  • Require a driver’s licence to improve their opportunities to secure employment, maintain employment, or attend training and/or education that provides a pathway to employment.
  • Must have had a minimum of 2 paid driving lessons with a driving school before driver mentor sessions can begin (the program can fund these for a limited number of participants).

The program will begin in early 2024. If you would like to register your interest in participating, please contact YFCC on 6423 6635, or complete and submit the enquiry form below to register online.

Enquiry Form

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The program will begin in early 2024.

You will be contacted once the Program starts and driving sessions are ready to be booked.