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Treatment and Counselling Services

The drug and alcohol services provide a wide range of services to address the needs of young people and their families whose lives are affected by alcohol, tobacco and/or other drugs. The services are free and confidential.


64 Stewart Street
(03) 6424 7353
129 Wilson Street
(03) 6431 9552
(03) 6432 2759
10 King Street (CHAC)
0439 029 618

What we do...

We provide a free private counselling and support service for those people who are having trouble with alcohol, tobacco or other drugs. The service also provides support and counselling to family and friends impacted by someone else’s substance dependence.

What we offer…

  • Assessment
  • Counselling and support
  • Referrals to other services
  • Brief Interventions
  • Home visits and outreach clinics
  • Advocacy
  • Information
  • School and community education.

Where we work…

Our services cover the whole North-West Coast of Tasmania. We have offices in Burnie, Devonport and Wynyard and work with partners in Ulverstone, Sheffield, Smithton, King Island, Queenstown, Zeehan and Roseberry.

We can also come to you.

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Health Promotions

Youth, Family and Community Connections deliver health promotional activities on alcohol, tobacco and other drugs. Our Schools program delivers regular sessions to a range of schools along the North West coast. We also run a party safe program, iParty®, at the end of each year. Other activities include the School Holidays Program, Pitstop health checks, and National Youth Week activities.

Needle and Syringe Program (NSP)

YFCC offers a safe and accessible environment for the distribution of sterile injecting equipment and safe disposal of used injecting equipment.

The YFCC NSP outlet provides a point for contact and continuity for client’s needs specifically around education, counselling and referral.

The overall objectives of the NSP are to:

  • Provide a safe and accessible environment for the distribution of sterile injecting equipment, and the provision of information, support, counselling, assessment and referral for clients of the NSP outlet;
  • Facilitate education of the target groups in the principles of harm reduction and other relevant strategies for the reduction of the incidence and the transmission of blood borne viruses and other public health concerns;
  • Facilitate collaboration and partnerships between the service and the NSP Coordinator and other stakeholders;
  • Increase options for the safe disposal of used injecting equipment.