Working It Out (WIO), Tasmania’s gender, sexuality and intersex status support and education service, is providing a special peer-to-peer support program Working It Out Together.

Revived from a COVID-19 initiative, Working It Out Together recognises that LGBTIQ+ people may experience the pandemic more acutely than others, while also understanding that we also have a long history of resilience and helping each other out which can help mitigate these impacts.

The main features are:

  • A special webpage with details, links, resources and online forms to register to give or receive a hand:
  • A process to allow LGBTIQ+ Tasmanians to put their hand up to get extra support and/or to help out
  • An up-to-date and maintained resource listing a range of online and offline activities and groups around the state to keep people connected and active, called Stay Connected.

This program provides connection, support and assistance that is accepting and inclusive.

Ongoing support is also available to young people aged 18 and under, and their families and school communities, through our Valuing Diversity Framework. Individuals, family members, service providers, schools or community members can initiate contact with our LGBTI Schools Inclusion Officer, Xris Reardon, to seek support for a specific individual or their family/carers, or general school or community education.

Email or call 0409 828 705.

Working It Out Together enquiries to:

Phone: 0455 031 262