SignPost is Working It Out’s website and mobile app directory of LGBTIQ+ inclusive businesses and services in Tasmania. Currently we have funding from Devonport City Council’s community grants program to increase the number of listings in Devonport under our Making Inclusion Stick project. I’m Zac, the project officer for Making Inclusion Stick. I am a young queer man who grew up in Devonport and I know that SignPost would have been valuable to me when I was growing up. It would have given me a greater sense of belonging, knowing that there were businesses, service providers and community groups that were willing to promote themselves as LGBTIQ+ inclusive and create safe spaces for our community.

Anyone who provides a service can get themselves listed on SignPost. Once they become listed, they will receive a rainbow sticker to place somewhere visible for service users.  A digital version for websites and social media will be provided also. Businesses and services will get their own page dedicated to providing information about their service. They will also be listed on at least one of the six directory category pages. These are ‘Advocacy & Allies’, ‘Education & Training’, ‘Health & Wellbeing’, ‘Professional Services’, ‘Retail & Hospitality’ and ‘Social Groups’. In addition, on listing pages there are six inclusivity icons. These six icons show that a listing is a safe and inclusive environment, has gender inclusive forms, has completed LGBTIQ+ inclusion training, has had an internal audit to determine if their service is LGBTIQ+ inclusive, has received an award for inclusive practice or has sponsored LGBTIQ+ community events. It is not compulsory to have all six of these icons listed on your page and Working It Out are more than happy to assist you in adopting more inclusive practices through providing your staff or volunteers with training or conducting an audit of your service. Working It Out will welcome events sponsorship at any time, for the IDAHOBIT Breakfast or any other key LGBTIQ+ event.

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