Name:  Alicia Harvey

YFCC Service Area:  Crisis Accommodation and Support Service

Location:  Burnie

Length of time working with YFCC:  12 years

What you like about your role: 

  • I enjoy working within a multidisciplinary team that is focused on achieving self-directed client outcomes with marginalised and disenfranchised clients.
  • I particularly enjoy that this role allows advocating for clients.
  • I enjoy that this role is not sedentary and allows outreach with clients.
  • I find that youth are particularly inspiring to work with as they are often change ready and motivated and have not yet established long term or lifelong habits that are resistant to change.

A bit about you:

  • I am a mother of 3, aged 19, 7 and 3.
  • I am passionate about access, equity and social justice issues.
  • My background is in law and psychology.
  • I enjoy travel, reading, gardening, jet skiing, live music and Theatre, particularly musicals.
  • I would much rather be outside than inside.
  • I despise television and movies.
  • I am a volunteer whale rescuer.
  • I love marine life and dream of volunteering on the Sea Shepherd when my babies leave home.