That’s a wrap!! The October school holidays were a great success with Devonport and Burnie crews joining together to participate in 4 awesome activities. We started the holidays with some fishing at the Cam River in Burnie. A huge thanks to Fishing Tasmania for helping out and showing our young people some tips and tricks to catching fish. We had a couple of bites, and 1 successful catch!

Did you know that the average rubbish created by a family in a year can fill a 3-bedroom house to the roof? How can we help reduce this… well we learnt how to make our own bees wax wraps. These can be used to replace one-use plastics like cling-wrap. They are so easy to make and reusable, and you can make them out of funky fabrics and have a different one every day.

Bowling was a great success and we found that people had some hidden talents, and lunch at the Devonport bluff is always a hit.

We wrapped up these holidays with some rollerblading at the East Devonport Recreation Centre. A huge thanks to Peter from Meander Valley Indoor Skater’s Association for bringing his skates and skating expertise down to us. Everyone had so much fun (including the staff).

Our summer holiday activities are in the works ….so stay tuned to our facebook page to see what we come up with.