I have been working in my role as Helping Young Families – Key worker for about a month now and am working out of our Burnie Office.

I am a person that really enjoys working with people. This role is well suited to my personality and skill set as I receive great joy from assisting, enabling and empowering clients to achieve a better standard of living and a more rewarding and satisfying lifestyle. . I find being a key worker extremely rewarding as I also like to help build the clients confidence and overall well being. I like being an advocate for our clients helping them to access services that often make them feel overwhelmed and powerless and help them to break down the barriers that they face on a day to day basis. I find it extremely rewarding to see these clients building their self-esteem and confidence, learning new skills and living a happy healthier life, for themselves and their families.

My greatest achievement is my two beautiful boys, Tarik (6) and Leon (7). They wear me out and test me all the time but I am extremely proud of them and feel lucky to be their mum. I have a lovely husband called Eli, who loves playing golf and chopping wood on our property just out of Wynyard. The Inglis River runs through our property so you will often find my boys and husband in there during summer.

We love adventures and travelling and spend as much time as we possibly can doing either of these.