Our pledge: YFCC pledge to support parents, families and communities with keeping children safe, while promoting the importance of children’s safety and well being.

Children do best when life is on an even keel and their parents have the support they need. By being kind to parents, supporting family-friendly policies, and building connected communities, we’re all helping to give Australia’s children the best start in life.

National Child Protection Week is all about celebrating the many ways – big and small – that everyone in the community can make a difference in the life of a child.

Most importantly, we need to recognise that parenting is like sailing a boat; it takes skill and practice, anyone can encounter rough waters from time to time, and we can all do our bit to help build the safe harbours and lighthouses that all families need.

This National Child Protection Week (1 – 7 September), we’re making it easier than ever for everyone to get involved in creating better lives for children.
To get started, visit www.napcan.org.au. You’ll find lots of simple resources so you can:
• Pledge your support (and add your logo to our website)
• Download posters and tip sheets
• Organise information sessions for your staff
• Run craft activities for children
• Engage your local community
• List your events or find events to attend
• Share social media