The Malana Youth at Risk Centre (YARC) is a specialist homelessness service based in Launceston, providing accommodation for young people aged between 12 and 15 years who are experiencing homelessness. It provides 24 hour short to medium term accommodation and homelessness case management support 7 days a week.

The Centre shares the vision of the Tasmanian Child and Youth Wellbeing Framework, which recognises the need to work in partnership with families, community services and the broader community to improve the wellbeing of vulnerable children and young people in Tasmania.

The team work closely together with the Advice and Referral Line (ARL), all other YFCC Services, community partners, services and families to provide support.

We will support children and young people in our service:

  • to strengthen family connections wherever possible and safe to do so
  • where its safe and possible support reunification to family
  • build their emotional, physical, interpersonal and resilience skills and capacity
  • to engage or re-engage in education or training
  • to explore opportunities to engage in community activities or maintain involvement in activities
  • where returning to the family is not safe or possible, explore options and build capacity of the young person to transition to alternative, safe and stable accommodation

For further information contact:

Malana on 6709 8444 or email