Homelessness Week is a national event held each year during the first week of August, which aims to raise awareness of people experiencing homelessness, the issues they face, and the actions needed to achieve enduring solutions. The theme for Homelessness Week 2023 in Tasmania is “It’s time to end Homelessness”.

YFCC has been providing support to people experiencing homelessness in our communities for over 43 years. The organisation’s first service was a home for young women in Ulverstone in 1979-1980.

Today, YFCC operates youth crisis accommodation support services in both Devonport and Burnie for young people aged 13 to 21, and another youth accommodation centre in Launceston for young people aged 12 to 15 years. In addition to these, YFCC also has delivers the Transitional Accommodations Support Service, supporting young people to build their living skills to enable them to live more independently in sustainable, safe and affordable accommodation.

This year’s YFCC Homelessness Week event was held at the Devonport Soccer Club, in partnership with Gran’s Van, who catered for the event. The event was designed to give attendees an introduction to Gran’s Van services and gain a better understanding of the “Gran’s Van” experience.

Around 55 people attended the event, from a wide range of government agencies and service providers.

Gran’s Van Coordinator, Alistair Ollington, gave an insightful presentation highlighting the history of Gran’s Van and the important role it plays in supporting some of the most vulnerable people in our community.

YFCC clients, Savanah and Jakai, also talked about their journey out of homelessness and the support they had received from YFCC to enable this – an inspiring story that was another highlight of the event. A Homelessness Week cake, donated to Grans Van by Mike Gaffney MLC was cut by Savanah and Jakai, with the cake being distributed on Friday night by Gran’s Van to people in need across Devonport.