Name: Lindsay Hodgkinson

YFCC Service Area: Integrated Family Support Service (IFSS)

Location: The Junction (64 Stewart Street, Devonport)

Length of time working with YFCC: Previous 5 ½ years; recently returned

What you like about your role: I am sure there will be many things that I like about my role. As I have only been in the role for 3 days now, I still haven’t experienced everything that my role will entail. I am looking forward to learning new skills, new areas and working with all the people that encompass the IFSS program.

A bit about you: I started fresh out of University, at what was then YAFF, as a Youth Drug and Alcohol Counsellor and I have seen many changes occur over my time with the organisation. For a short period of time, I relocated to The Salvation Army to begin working in the families stream. Recently I returned to YFCC as the Team Leader for the Integrated Family Support Service. I’m pretty easy going and enjoy learning new skills.