Get ready for the festive season.

Christmas is fast approaching, and it’s often a time we bemoan the fact that we eat too much, sit too much and put on a few extra kilos. As a famous boy scout once said “be
prepared”, now is the time to start getting ready for Christmas by starting some new healthy habits that will help you feel healthier, happier and better able to cope with the silly season.

Going for a walk, is one of the easiest ways to do something positive for your health, it’s not very often someone returns from a walk not feeling refreshed and energised.
The Heart Foundation has walking groups all over Tasmania, most of our walkers join a walking group to improve their fitness, but when asked why they keep walking (some are
still walking in same group for over 10 years) many say it’s because of the social connections and long-term friendships they have made.

To find a walking group nearest you just click on the link for the Heart Foundation walking page and enter your postcode, then drill down and
find more information, including the pace of the group, and contact the volunteer walk leader to see if it’s the right group for them.

It’s all about providing a free, fun and social opportunity for people to connect and build their fitness and build their cardiovascular health. If you can’t find a group that suits you
then how about starting one of your own. The Heart Foundation can provide support and training to help you build your own walking group.

For more information about joining a walking group, creating your own or getting a free personalised 6 week walking plan contact Vicki at or
phone 0434 097 929.