The six-monthly Client Evaluation was conducted in November 2023 with a randomised sample of 77 (10%) clients from across all YFCC service areas. It is acknowledged that whilst the data and results drawn from this sample accurately represents the individuals who took part, it may not be indicative of all clients.

Overall, feedback on YFCC services was extremely positive, with some useful suggestions for the organisation to consider. Ninety-two percent of clients surveyed had been engaged with YFCC services for at least three months, giving further credibility to their survey responses.

Statistics of interest in the survey included:

  • 23% of those surveyed had learned of YFCC services through friends or family.
  • 62% of clients were referred to YFCC by other service providers.
  • 99% of respondents agreed or strongly agreed they were satisfied with the services they received from YFCC.
  • 99% felt involved in the planning and service delivery they experienced.
  • 84% believed they were now better able to deal with the issues they sought assistance for. 16% were undecided at this stage of the support period.
  • 99% of respondents would recommend YFCC services to others.
  • 5,122 participants were recorded through YFCC Health Promotions, including 3,270 students attending a total of 135 workshops in schools.

General comments provided by respondents were very positive towards their experiences working with both individual YFCC workers and service areas. These responses included:

  • “Our relationship was very important, loved my Worker. The service helped me understand and talk through different techniques. Happy with everything.”
  • “Workers were amazing, miss them now I am in TASS, they do an awesome job, this relationship was very important to me. The Service was amazing, couldn’t have asked for anything better, everything was great.”
  • “I love the check ins which I need, shows the importance of our relationship.”
  • “It was the very best support and relationship I have received in a long time. I have been with other services and haven’t felt like I’ve been heard or taken seriously. I feel I had that with my worker. The program definitely helped me, gave me better knowledge with resumes/cover letters etc. I don’t feel as anxious when applying and interviewing for jobs. Keep up the great work!”

The survey enables the YFCC Leadership team to assess our current performance and look for any opportunities for continuous improvement.