Services offered to clients of our Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs Service (ATODS) include a number of peer support groups that are facilitated by our counsellors and provide the opportunity for people with a lived experience of substance misuse to share the challenges and successes of their journey. Many clients report that being able to share with, and hear from, people with similar experiences can be very validating and also provide a sense of inspiration and hope. This, combined with the expertise of our counsellors who guide the often challenging and uncomfortable conversations, really does provide a complimentary therapy alongside regular counselling sessions. The recent inclusion of our Peer Workers to the groups has provided yet another perspective and helped facilitate some empowering conversations.

The three groups currently on offer to clients are:

Resilience & Recovery (RnR) Group: RnR groups operate fortnightly in both Burnie and Devonport for people aged 18 years and up. The sessions are carefully planned and utilise evidence based theories and models.

Create & Collate (CnC) Group: A new group in Burnie started after a gap was identified for people aged 17 – 25 years. As well as a therapeutic component, this group also focuses on building life skills and having fun in a healthy way.

Soundwaves:  This Devonport-based group utilises music therapy to promote emotional regulation. It is currently run by our counsellors who have training in this area and a local professional music therapist.

If you are interested in further information, please call  6423 6635.