The Transitional Accommodation Support Service (TASS) works with young people and young parents to maintain their existing accommodation and/or make a successful move into long term, safe, and affordable housing. We believe all young people have the right to safe and sustainable accommodation.

Young people, aged 15-20 years, who are experiencing homelessness or at risk of experiencing homelessness, are able to access medium term/transitional accommodation through TASS (this includes young parents and their children).

TASS staff work with the young people while in their current accommodation or in a TASS property to become tenancy ready. This can include things like living skills i.e. cleaning, cooking, budgeting, and knowing how to work a washing machine.

In addition to supporting their housing, TASS staff also support young people through holistic case management. The staff work with the young person to assist in identifying areas which the young person may like additional support in. Some of the things may include:

  • Support with navigating Centrelink
  • Learning about Tenancy Laws and what is required of a tenant and a landlord
  • Accessing health services; Doctors, Dentists, Sexual Health etc.
  • Assistance with becoming employment ready
  • Accessing or re-engaging with Education
  • Attending appointments
  • Referrals to other services i.e. Mental health providers, Job search agencies
  • Advocacy on the young person’s behalf

Young people can self-refer, be referred by another agency, or be referred by our Crisis Accommodation Support Service (CASS) Team.

Please note: TASS is not a crisis service. If a young person is in crisis and doesn’t have a bed for the night, they will be directed towards our Crisis Accommodation Team who run the youth shelters in Burnie and Devonport.

**Contact Details;

TASS Burnie                                                            TASS Devonport

4 Reid Street,                                                              176 Williams Street

Upper Burnie                                                              Devonport

6431 3083                                                                   6424 9520

Crisis Accommodation Service (staffed 24/7)

Burnie: 6431 9230                              Devonport: 6424 7375


**Are there some eligibility criteria?

Yes, see below:

  • Young people (this includes singles, couples, young parents and young people expecting a child) between the ages of:
    • 13-20 years for Outreach Support.
    • 15-20 years for medium-term/transitional accommodation.
  • Young people who have an income and/or are eligible to gain an income (including Centrelink);
  • Young people who are not in crisis or seeking emergency housing;
  • Young people who have the minimum living skills to maintain a tenancy e.g. paying rent, cleaning skills and basic budgeting skills;
  • Engaged in education, training or employment; or a willingness to re-engage

 **Frequently Asked Questions;

How long can you live in a TASS unit?

Up to 12 months. Each young person works with a Case Manager to develop their skills to live independently. Once these skills are developed support is provided to find independent sustainable and affordable long term accommodation options.

Do you pay rent?

Yes, the rent for a one-bedroom property is $95.00 per week and a two-bedroom property is $140.00 per week.

If you get a job do you get kicked out?

No, one of the primary roles of the Case Manager is to support young people to obtain or maintain education or employment. If you get a job, we will celebrate with you.

I’m couch surfing – am I eligible?

Yes, you may be (see eligibility criteria above). However, if you need a bed for tonight/short term we would initially refer you to one of our Crisis Accommodation Support Services.

Do you support young people who aren’t in a TASS unit?

Yes, the case managers also support young people in the community to maintain their current accommodation. This could be working with them in their family home or an existent tenancy.

What about pets?

No, unfortunately pets aren’t allowed in the properties.

Can I move in with my partner?

This may be an option and would be investigated further when we speak to you at the time of an initial meeting.

I have kids; can they move in too?

Yes, the properties are available for young people and their children. This again would be investigated at the time of assessment.