During March/April 2022, YFCC invited Stakeholders with whom YFCC has varying working relationships, to participate in its annual Stakeholder Survey conducted via Survey Monkey.

The survey distribution process was updated this year, with around 70% of email requests to complete the survey being sent out by relevant Managers, Team Leaders and staff. The remaining 30% of survey requests were requested via a generic email.

58 Stakeholders completed the 2022 survey (48 in 2021).

Feedback obtained through the survey was very positive, with an average of 93% of respondents indicating that they are either ”very satisfied” or ”satisfied” with various areas of collaborative service delivery including shared information, joint planning and inter-agency meetings.

The survey again highlighted the importance of collaboration and it was encouraging to see that 98% of respondents noted the importance of that relationship to their own organisation (86% very important).

Respondents also rated our staff highly against maintaining contact with their organisation (95%), response timeliness (94%), professional conduct (95%) and reflecting YFCC’s organisational values (95%).

92% of respondents also indicated they agreed YFCC provided a safe environment and culture for clients.

Respondent’s overall satisfaction with YFCC services was reported at 94% “satisfied”, with 80% recording “very satisfied”.

Final comments from respondents were positive and included the following examples:

“Very professional services with a genuine commitment to supporting young Tasmanians.”

“There was fantastic communication between myself and the worker from YFCC who kept me up to date with progress resulting from my referral to the service.”

“In all my interactions with staff of YFCC, I am impressed by the professionalism and the passion for their work.”

YFCC will continue to seek feedback on an ongoing basis from Stakeholders both informally and through annual surveys similar to this one. Feedback contributes to our continuous quality improvement processes.