Name: David Stutterd

YFCC Service Area: Crisis Accommodation Service

Location: Burnie

Length of time working with YFCC: Started work at CASS 2001 as a casual. Started full time roster around 2009

What you like about your role: Enjoy working with youth clientele due to them having potential.

A bit about you: Partner with Sue since mid-80’s, married around late eighties. Four children, Sarah, aged 35 or could be 36, John 30, Emily 26, (I think) and Kathrine 18. Sarah and John live in Melbourne, Emily on Gold Coast and Kathrine at home, with intention being possible Gold Coast in next year or so. Therefore, possible no kids in house soon and have to talk to Sue again. One Grandchild, 8-year-old Lucy, (Melbourne).

Wynyard Yachtie, coaching in Burnie and sailing in Ulverstone. Four yachts and one tinny for fishing. (Sue, wife not knowing about one yacht). Surfing West Coast Tassie and spectator only concerning Aussie rules, although thinking of during one more stint of coaching with school age. Always had three interest’ concerning sport and have no reason to change. Fishing excuse to get out to sea.

Three dogs, Ned, Brax and Bella, therefore plenty of walking as two are kelpie / collie and one kelpie. Brax is the daughter’s, (Emily’s) dog, but due to accommodation on Gold Coast Brax is with us for the last two years. (Council only know we have two dogs. Ned coming in at 18 and half years, therefore should become legal again concerning council. Ned walks daily, nice to get pass19, but doubt it). One Cat, which is also Emily’s.