Name: Damian Collins aka Damo

YFCC Service Area: Alcohol, Tobacco & Other Drugs – Team Leader

Location: Devonport & Burnie offices

Length of time working with YFCC: Approaching 5 years

What you like about your role: Diversity – Having a leadership role in an organisation the size of YFCC provides the opportunity to really effect change. This can range from being the individuals we work with on a daily basis, helping shape the organisation’s branding or being engaged in State & National level discussions. I also really enjoy the people I work with.

A bit about you: I grew up in Suburban Sydney, spent some years travelling the world and for the last 12 years have proudly called Tasmania home. On the weekends I can usually be found doing something outdoors – in the garden, doing a B-grade job of building something or getting chased around by my kids.