Name: Brett Steers

YFCC Service Area: Crisis Accommodation Service

Location: Devonport

Length of time working with YFCC: Since 1987 give or take a month or two

What you like about your role:

*The opportunity to be able to support and pass on knowledge to others with the hope that the choices and decisions they ultimately make end up assisting them towards a positive pathway forward in their lives

*Being given the opportunity to work for an organisation whose values are similar with my own values and an organisation who is still family focused

*Promoting our organisation within the community to better educate people about who we are and what we stand for

A bit about you:

*Am married to a beautiful woman who I met on April 26th 1986, we have two beautiful, now adult daughters who are also now chasing their dreams.

*Love spending as much time with my family as possible, am a great believer that we need to be there for our families.

*A Carpenter/Joiner by trade, who fell into Youth Work by chance and now has a Diploma in Youth Work and an associate Diploma in Fine Art who loves working with people while at the same time enjoys quiet time by one’s self, (Cloud /people watching)

*Enjoy running, love drawing, painting and expressing one’s imagination on paper.

* Love my job and the organisation I work for, though one-day hope to illustrate Children’s books (Just one of my many dreams I’m working towards)

*Have been to Antarctica twice, once for 6 months and the other time for 18 months. Have done dog sled runs on the Antarctic ice cap and on sea ice which has stretched for many kilometres from any land. Abseiled down crevasses, walked on frozen lakes and swam in an Antarctic Lake at zero degrees and have experienced temperatures of minus 39.8 degrees

*Have been on a ship in seas so rough that the bow of the ship would disappear into the oncoming waves which would crash over the bridge