Every month, up to 36,500 Australian women and girls face the hardship, danger and emotional anxiety of being homeless, as well as the discomfort and lack of dignity that comes with having their period whilst struggling to afford menstrual hygiene products.

Share the Dignity has developed the revolutionary Dignity Vending Machine (also known as #Pinkbox) in the hope of making a difference to the lives of those who are experiencing homelessness or are at-risk or in need.

We have installed Dignity Vending Machines in every State and Territory across Australia, in homeless hubs, domestic violence refuges, schools, Aboriginal medical centres, hospitals and many other locations supporting those in need. I am very excited to announce that women and girls in Devonport and surroundings areas will now have the dignified access they deserve to sanitary items thanks to the installation of the newest Pinkbox Dignity Vending Machine, which can be found at:

The Junction

64 Stewart Street, Devonport

The machine, which is located in the accessible toilet, will be available to the public during opening hours. It dispenses FREE ‘Period Packs’, each containing 6 tampons and 2 sanitary pads, and one pack can be dispensed every ten minutes.

We encourage you to share this news with your clients and staff, so that anyone who might be experiencing period poverty know where to find the machine.

Share the Dignity – Pinkbox Poster