Over the past two years, Project Detour has worked with young people (aged 16 to 24 years) who identify as being impacted by crime and/or anti-social behaviours and may be at risk of becoming entrenched in the criminal judicial system. The project has worked with them to address health and wellbeing concerns, foster meaningful relationships, and cultivate social connections. Additionally, it has provided essential training in soft employment skills and essential life skills, empowering young people to navigate the complexities of adulthood with improved confidence and resilience.

A central objective of the project has been to help participants identify their career paths and actively engage them in tailored training, education, and employment opportunities. Through personalized coaching and support, Project Detour has enabled young individuals to explore their interests and talents, guiding them towards fulfilling sustainable career options.

The dedicated Youth Coaches within Project Detour have played a pivotal role in assisting young individuals in identifying the necessary supports required to excel in their journey towards employment. Youth Coaches have supported participants to address their specific needs crucial for professional development. From developing and refining resumes and cover letters to understanding employer expectations and sharpening interview skills, Youth Coaches have provided invaluable guidance, resulting in 286 training outcomes. The tailored support provided by the Project Detour Youth Coaches has ensured that participants are better prepared to embark on their employment journey. Through personalized guidance, Project Detour’s Youth Coaches have supported young individuals to approach the job market confidently, resulting in 56 successful employment outcomes. By understanding each person’s goals, the Youth Coaches equipped them with the skills and determination needed to make meaningful contributions to the community and potential employers. Top of Form

Another vital component of Project Detour was its commitment to supporting young people in re-engaging with education. Recognising the importance of education as a pathway to personal growth and future opportunities, the program dedicated resources and efforts to assist young people in reconnecting with learning environments that suited their needs and aspirations.

Through personalised support and guidance, Project Detour Youth Coaches worked with each individual to identify barriers to education and develop strategies to overcome them. Whether it was addressing academic challenges, navigating administrative processes, or providing emotional support, the program’s Youth Coaches were devoted in their commitment to helping young people succeed.

The program’s success is achieving this project goal is evident in the 25 education outcomes achieved throughout its duration. These outcomes represent more than just academic achievements; they signify the restoration of hope, confidence, and self-belief in young individuals who may have once felt disconnected from the educational system. By empowering participants to pursue their educational goals, Project Detour has opened doors to a brighter future, filled with possibilities.

By re-engaging with education, participants have gained valuable knowledge, skills, and credentials that will serve as foundations for their personal and professional development. Whether they choose to pursue further studies, vocational training, or enter the workforce directly, these educational outcomes have equipped them with the tools and resources needed to thrive in an ever-changing world.

Project Detour represents a beacon of hope and opportunity for young individuals seeking to overcome challenges and achieve their full potential. Through its comprehensive approach to youth development, the program has empowered participants to overcome obstacles, pursue their dreams, and create brighter futures for themselves and their communities. By fostering resilience, independence, and self-confidence, Project Detour has been instrumental in shaping the individuals who will lead and drive change in the future.