Name: Emma Xavier

YFCC Service Area: Employment Services/Driver Mentor Program

Location: Devonport

What do you like about your role? I love the fact I am able to get dressed each morning, know I’m helping someone else the community. I love being involved in an organisation and group of people who enjoy their work and workplace and who have passion for what they do. I enjoy learning everything I can about YFCC and how they can assist others. I enjoy the ever-learning atmosphere.

A bit about you: I’m a bit of an extrovert and love to spend time socialising with other people. I’m a massive foodie and love hosting events at home. I have a creative streak and enjoy creating or learning new things. I have a background performing as a singer and in local stage shows at my hometown Mildura, Victoria. I spend most of my time outside of work travelling and attending concerts, outdoors in nature, with my partner and two dogs Buddha and Hunter. I’m a busy person and my calendar is usually booked out with things to do.