Name: Amy Austin

YFCC Service Area: Youth at Risk Centre (YARC) – Malana

Location: Launceston

What do you like about your role?  We are still in the early stages, so I haven’t really had much in person work or any client contact, however I am loving the team, I’m very excited for what is to come. So far everything is coming along great, and I am so excited for Malana to be up and running.

A bit about you: I have worked in a young women’s shelter for the past 3 years, as well as various other jobs over the years. I am about to graduate with my Bachelor of Social Work, and I am also completing a Diploma of Counselling. I love getting to know people and learning new things.

I have 2 dogs (3 if you count my partner’s that is sometimes at home!), and a big tank of tropical fish. I volunteer with Bonorong, I love travelling, hiking, camping, photography, games and guitar (I’m still learning!).