I have been working at the Crisis Accommodation Service in both Devonport and Burnie for the last three months.

I moved to Australia 10 years ago and have been working within the sector since moving to Australia. My background prior to moving to the country, has been working with the Sector 8 housing program in America and playing professional women’s football (grid iron as Aussie’s call it).  I am a mother, a grandmother, a partner and enjoy spending time with my family. When I am not at work, you will find me cheering on my youngest while she races in 5k and 10k runs, or cheering her on during Kung Fu and BJJ fights.

The best part of my role is working with young people and letting them know that they have self-worth and they deserve ENOUGH (friendship, love, loyalty and most important they are good Enough) . I enjoy teaching the young people how to cook inexpensive/ healthy meals, that they are able to freeze the leftovers for future meals. I enjoy hanging out with the young people and getting to know them as individuals, so I can encourage them on their journey in life, and help explore pathways so their dreams can become reality.