Client X has been working with various IFSS programs for a number of years due to concerns when Client X’s child was born. Client X was married and was a heavy substance user at the time of birth of their child. At this time Client X decided they had to stop using substances and provide a loving, supportive and safe home. Client X attended a rehabilitation service as a self referral. Client X’s partner did not agree with stopping this use of substances and has since left the relationship, making Client X a single parent. Client X initially came to the attention of Child Safety Services due to concerns regarding, substance use, mental health, and physical and verbal abuse towards the child. Client X became a self referral to the IFSS program and initially wanted support around how to respond to the other parent wanting contact with the child. It also became apparent that Client X required support around developmental stages of their child, due to the statements of “often worrying whether they are doing the best” for the child. Client X raised concerns about how to handle the Child being defiant and was lacking strategies in appropriate discipline.

Client X has recently requested a change in worker and subsequently became referred to YFCC. Client X expressed, upon first appointment, the struggle they had previously found with IFSS workers and their unlikelihood of “opening up” to Worker. From initial visit Worker and Client X identified a small number of goals to work towards:

– Quitting smoking tobacco

– Legal Aid Support

Since this initial meeting, Worker has built rapport with Client X and they have identified further goals to work towards:

– Parenting Programs

–  Court Support

–  Obtaining Working With Vulnerable Children check to attend excursions with child’s school

–  Housing Support

– Mental Health Support

Client X has expressed interest with Worker to complete Circle of Security and 1-2-3 Magic and Emotion Coaching (Parenting Programs) in order to understand their child better. From previous notes and information provided to Worker upon referral, this has been an area worker’s have previously tried to engage Client X with, however Client X had always expressed that they did not want to. Client X has also had multiple issues regarding their housing and this has been something that Client X has requested support with. Since working with Client X, Worker has liaised with the Housing service provider and Client X is now on a Housing Transfer List, along with looking at other Housing providers that may be able to assist with Housing for them and their child.

Although a Family Star has only been completed at this time at the initial appointment, Client X has shown small improvements in the areas of:

– Home and Money

– Keeping your Children Safe

– Education and Learning