A successful YFCC luncheon event was held in August to mark Homelessness Week. Over 40 guests attended the luncheon held at the Gateway Hotel in Devonport.

Guests included Leonie Hiscutt MLC, Acting Devonport Mayor Annette Rockliff and Mike Gaffney MLC.

Bianca Allford was the first guest speaker, providing a powerful and personal account of her experiences of homelessness and its associated issues and traumas. Bianca captivated her audience with her story and made a strong impression on all there.

The main guest speaker for the event was the Hon. Roger Jaensch MP, Minister for Human Services, Minister for Housing and Minister for Planning. Minister Jaensch provided an overview of some of the strategies the State Government were implementing to address housing issues in the state, including the Private Rental Incentive scheme, backyard Units for Young People program and new supported accommodation housing facilities for people with a disability.

YFCC Chair Nick Sherry was MC for the event and provided an overview of YFCC services and organisational history.

The event was well attended by a range of housing sector service providers, local government and other key stakeholders and YFCC partners.