The Transitional Accommodation Support Service (TASS) supports young people as they transition to independent living.

Whilst these strange times have certainly impacted our working environment, we are still able to support and guide our clients.  We are no longer able to see our clients face to face but remain having regular contact via phone.  For some this has worked out really well.  It appears that some clients find the phone to be liberating and they can talk about issues they may not have felt comfortable bringing up face-to-face.

A focus for many clients is around ensuring they do not become used to living on the extra funds the Covid19 supplement will bring.  Having this extra money will mean that clients can purchase items that are usually far outside their budget.  For example, one client has been trying to save for his motorbike licence.  This supplement will assist him in this endeavour and will also allow him to purchase a motorbike.  For others, this time is much more difficult with the loss of employment.

One client in Devonport was stood down from her position in hospitality but has been re-employed to assist cleaning and redecorating the venue.  Her ‘do anything’ attitude will hold her in good stead for future employment when this shut down is over.  Not only is this work assisting her budgeting but also helping her mental health by keeping busy and being around people.