Families Week 2020 occurred between the 15th and the 21st of May. Like previous years, for Families Week YFCC partnered with the East Devonport Child and Family Centre and the Burnie Child and Family Centre to once again, celebrate ‘all things family’. Due to the COVID-19 restrictions the usual Families Week event was unable to occur, which meant that creativity was required.

On Wednesday the 20th of May, a ‘Families Game Night’ was held, where families were able to enjoy spending time together while playing a game and adhering to restrictions. Family packs were delivered to over 30 families in the East Devonport area and around 30 families in the Burnie area. These family packs included a board game for families to enjoy together, popcorn and something to drink. Families were also invited to share a photo of their evening and go in the draw to win a ‘lucky door prize’.

Families have shared their experience of the evening and how much they enjoyed spending time as a family playing a board game. Some families have also stated that this is something they are going to include into their family routine and were pleased that the games delivered were ones that could be played repeatedly.