What do we do?

  • CASS’ primary goal is to reunify a young person with their family of origin or extended family. If this isn’t possible the young person will be assisted to find and secure independent sustainable accommodation. These goals are achieved through a holistic Client Focused, Youth Coaching Process. The Youth Coaching Process has accommodation as its primary focus but also includes all life areas to ensure a sustainable outcome for the young person once they are exited from the service.

Who does it serve?

  • To be eligible for CASS a young person must be aged between 13 and 20 (inclusive) years of age and be Homeless or at significant risk of Homelessness.  CASS has no exclusionary criteria and operates under the “no wrong door” policy with any young person that falls in the age ranges being able to be assessed for accommodation.

Where does it operate?

  • Cass operates on the North West Coast of Tasmania and is located in Burnie and Devonport.

What is its cost, staffing, funding level and source?

  • CASS is staffed 7 days per week 24 hours per day.
  • There is no direct service cost to Young People but there is a board and Savings cost to Young People should they be in receipt of an income this is as follows:
    • Board: $10.00 per day
    • Savings: $50.00 per fortnight
  • The Savings component will be refunded to the Young Person upon exit from the service (should there be no damage to property or Board owing)

What are the main components of CASS?

  • The main component of CASS is to provide safe, secure and supported emergency crisis accommodation for young people between the ages of 13 – 20 years of age.

Do I need a referral?

  • Young people are able to access CASS directly by phoning or presenting at either service (Burnie or Devonport)
  • Alternatively, organisations can call to speak to a CASS worker or fax through a referral form on 64249961 (Devonport) or 64319025 (Burnie).

How do I find out more?

  • Website information: yfcc.com.au
  • Contact: Crisis Accommodation Support Service (Devonport): 176 Williams Street, Devonport
  • Phone: (03) 64247375
  • Email: cass@yfcc.com.au
  • Contact: Crisis Accommodation Support Service (Burnie): 306-310 Mount Street, Upper Burnie
  • Phone: (03) 64319230
  • Email: cass@yfcc.com.au