As restrictions around Tasmania begin to ease and life returns to normal, the team at YFCC have been working hard to ensure we can resume many of our services in a safe and socially distanced way. Maintaining the health and safety of our clients, participants and staff is the ultimate priority.

While we look forward to the resumption of face to face services including counselling, youth activities, having our Junctions open and available to the public, there will be some changes. Many of these will be similar to other businesses such as increased use and availability of hand sanitiser, limiting number of people in a room due to space and also an increased cleaning regime. Other changes may be quickly evolving as public health advice and restrictions change.

Your counsellor, case manager or worker is the best placed person to inform you of these so please don’t hesitate to ask. Also, as we now have a much enhanced ability to utilise phone and online communication technologies we will continue to make this available to individuals who prefer these methods.