Need help to have YOUR SAY?  – Advocacy Tasmania will listen to your concerns and help you to find a way forward. We are here to help you understand your rights, have your say, and support you to sort out your problem.

YOUR SAY – advocacy is all about helping you to be heard and understood.

·         If you are unable to speak for yourself, or find it difficult, an Advocate can help you.

·         We can provide information about your rights and help you to deal with problems or complaints.

Just to give you an idea of how Advocacy Tasmania can assist is by this recent issue:

An advocate supported a client who had recently been discharged from a drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility. The client had moved into emergency housing which had not worked out and they had been asked to vacate the accommodation.

The client had paid two weeks rent in advance, however the emergency housing manager at the property had refused to refund the balance of the rent.  The client directed the advocate to help them request a refund from the landlord following their eviction.

The advocate supported the client by helping them fully explore their options. These options included seeking advice from the Tenants Union of Tasmania, making a referral to the Residential Tenancy Commissioner (Consumer, Building and Occupational Services) and directly approaching the manager of the emergency accommodation.

The client opted, with advocacy support, to communicate with the manager of the emergency accommodation property. This resulted in the client receiving a full refund of the advance rent payment.

An additional advocacy issue was subsequently opened, where the advocate supported the client to communicate with community housing providers.

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